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March 30th, 2003
Someone's been caught being naughty in the elevator!

April 01st, 2003
Fablice champion team. Consider my body and soul beautified.

April 01st, 2003
The atomic bomb dome in Hiroshima, Japan

April 11th, 2003
Ben and I wearing funny Japanese socks. Can you guess who is who in this picture?

April 11th, 2003
The Toshiba Libretto, the cutest smallest computer I've ever used. Running Red Hat 8, and functioning as ... NOTHING! ha ha ha

April 11th, 2003
OK, I was pretty excited about having this camera-phone thing right when I first got it. Here's one I took of a parked bike back in February.

April 11th, 2003
The camera has a pretty cool macro mode setting. Here is the break handle of a bike.

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