Osaka - March 16th, 2003

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From Kyoto/Shiga, we headed south, to Osaka, where we met Sonny and Mao for an evening of fun fun fun.

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We managed to find a store selling used video game stuff before we left shiga. This is the original Nintendo "TV-Game 15".

The next Nintendo system, this is the equivelent of the one in America that had "Super Mario Brothers" on it.

Sega, NEC, and Sony consoles. Up in the right-hand corner is a controller from the Japanese equivelant of a Super Nintendo (they call it "Super Famicon" here, short for Family Computer).

Some restaurants here are pretty small ... you have to stand up while you eat and your butt sticks out of the restaurant!

A one-man band doing a Foma promotion.

Osaka from the 30th floor of the Hankyu building.

There's a department store called HEP 5, and it has these big whales hanging in it as art or something ...

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