Kobe - March 23rd, 2003

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The day after the big bash in Mihara, we all piled into Chris's car and headed down to Kobe. Since the car is only a 5 seater, and there were 6 of us, Koji had to ride in the trunk, covered in a quilt so the police didn't see him. Don't tell anyone we did this, it's a secret :)

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First, we went to Chinatown.

A snake in a bottle of sake. If you drink it, it's apparently good for your health, or something ...

Minori and U-chan taking chinatown by storm.

A super long haired dog.

Damage done by the 1995 "Hanshin Dai Shinsai" earthquake. This section of land is being preserved by the city of Kobe to remember the earthquake.

The "Yamato". The reason that this boat is really cool is because it propels itself not with spinning blades, but by electromagnetically pushing the water through tubes in the bottom. It didn't go very fast, only about 8 nauts.

The Yamato from another angle.

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