Hiroshima - March 28th, 2003

(13 photos)

After Tokyo, Hiroshima was next on our list of places to see. I have a friend down there, so we had a place to stay, and a tour guide! We had a great time, and I got to take a lot of pictures.

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The first thing we did was eat "okonomiyaki", a really tasty dish that they cook right in front of you. Hiroshima style okonomiyaki is famous throughout Japan.

Koji, Ben and Takeshi enjoy a beer and an okonomiyaki.

We happened to cmoe across a peace memorial, so we stopped to fold some paper cranes.

We put the cranes we folded along with the others.

Here's my crane. Unfortunately, the camera on my phone doesn't really handle night shots too well.

The atomic bomb dome looks really spooky, lit up at night from the inside.

The next morning, we found this overpass. I would not want to try to drive through here.

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