Asuka-mura - May 1st, 2003

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The second year students at my school (American 8th graders) took a trip to Asuka-mura (Asuka Village) in Nara prefecture, one of the old capitols of Japan. Here are the highlights of the pre-trip I took with some teachers to check the place out.

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You have to get off your horse and leave it out front, according to this stone carved sign.

This is a path made entirely out of old roof tiles.

Most elementary school students here in Japan are required to wear bright yellow hats so they don't get run over or lost.

Ogawa sensei, a wall, a temple, some trees, and a bunch of bright green rent-a-bikes.

A bunch of mo-peds strapped to the back of a truck. I don't remember why I thought this was interesting...

Some things I don't see very often here in the armpit of the universe where I live are trees and grass. I was very sad to get home after being in such beautiful nature.

Dandelions in macro mode.

This is a big tomb. It's called "ishi-butai" in Japanese.

You can go inside the tomb. It was cool but it smelled kind if wierd. I don't know who this kid is.

Go! Go! Bamboo forest!!

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