Kyoto with Minori and Jason - June 30th, 2003

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Minori and I continued on to Kyoto, and met up with Jason. We walked around and saw a bunch of temples and shrines.

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Minori posing near the entrance to Tou-Ji in Kyoto.

aaaaawwwww ... da widdwe kitty is sweeping on da motorbike ... so cute, so cute

Heian-Jingu has this huge gate, built right over the street.

Inside Heian-Jingu. It's bright orange, like the huge gate. Japanese people insist that this color is actually "red", unless it's anything other than a temple :p

If you walk through this hoop that they made, you will have some kind of good luck. I walked through it twice, so I'll be cursed forever. ha ha just kidding. Lucky me!

Wash your hands before you go into the shrine, it's good Shinto.

A shot of the main shrine building.

These roofs are sooooo cool... I want one when I get home... I wonder how much it would cost to mail 2 tons of clay tiles home... I wonder how much 2 tons of clay tiles cost in the first place ...

Here's another shot of the big orange shrine gate, you can see it's atually quite huge.

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