Nara with Minori - July 1st, 2003

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Minori and I continued on to Nara, where we walked around and ... yup, saw more shrines and temples ... in the rain! yeah, it was raining ... too bad, but it actually worked out allrightbecause so few people came out.

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Moss-covered stone lanterns at Kasuga-Taisha

A path through the grounds of Kasuga-Taisha. You can see, there are hundreds of big stone lanterns here.

Minori, getting rained on, and somewhat backlit to boot ... what a crap day :P

Like I said, hundreds of stone lanterns...

The main entrance to Kasuga-Taisha

Some more lanterns, and a really cool old tree

More Nara wildlife, here's a huge vine-ey thing that was growing along the road.

One interesting thing about Nara (and actually a number of places in Japan) is that they have a bunch of deer, just kind of roaming around. These deer are so accustomed to people that you can go right up to them. They're all over the place!

I actually touched this guy's antlers .. they were really soft, and warm. I don't know much about deer, but that would be pretty cool if their antlers were actually alive!

Toudai-Ji is the biggest wooden structure in the world. Wow. This is the gate.

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