Erik's Going Away Party - July 5th, 2003

(15 photos)

Erik had a huge blow-out going away party in Kyoto, here's a bunch of pics of us rockin' out going-away party style ... we even managed to get some good-bye karaoke in!

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I have no idea what Koji is showing Erik in this picture, but whatever it is, I wish I could have seen it too.

No, Kari Jo's arm is not messed up, she's leaning over a chair to give me the peace, while writing on Erik's good-bye bear.

Wow, now I kind of wish I had shaved before I came to this party...

Still taking the city of Hikone by storm, Matt Sullivan was in the place to be tonight!

Like I said, the place to be ... inside Koji's shirt ... yeah ... or something

I don't know that guy giving the thumbs up. He'll be happy to find his picture on the internet someday.

Here's a shot of some partygoers

Chris and Jason are surrounded by girls ... AGAIN! How do you guys do it?!

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