Kaiten-Zushi - July 18th, 2003

(8 photos)

Rose, Minori and I went out for a farewell kaiten-zushi at Kappa-Zushi, the coolest 100-yen conveyer belt sushi place. Here's some interesting stuff we saw there.

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This is corned-beef-hash sushi. That is mayonaise on top. I didn't eat this. Nobody ate this. We saw this plate come around about 10 times. DON'T EAT CORNED-BEEF-HASH SUSHI!

This is some kind of primitive sea life resembling a shrimp, eaten raw, also not very popular.

A nice action shot of the conveyor belt, at a nice action angle.

Another nice action shot of the conveyor belt. Those are raw scallops in the foreground.

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