Hanging out in Taishi-Cho - August 14th-18th

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Brett graciously agreed to let me stay at his house for a few days in August while I was travelling around. We had some great adventures, cooked wacky vegetarian food, and I got my butt kicked in chess sooooo many times... I renamed all these pictures later, so they're out of order. sorry.

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Aki and Junko, friends of Brett's from school, came by and helped us do some cooking. Here they are spiking a gyoza with tou-ban-jan (REALLY spicy).

Aki, Brett, me, and Junko, playing cards.

Here's the lates fashion from "American Mura" in Osaka city.

Brett in a yukata, and Aki (A different Aki, her name has different kanji too)

Here is the chess board. I am about to beat Brett. Or so I thought ... this turned into one of the many outrageous massacres of my stay in Taishi-cho. I did manage to actually beat him once though!!!

The wierdest store ever. This place is devoted to selling bears with claws and blood, and other such paraphanalia. Very wierd ...

Here's a bunch of the claw bears, and their bloody claws and mouths ... so odd. By the way, this store seems to be aimed towards middle school girls, or at least there were a bunch of really young girls in there when we walked in...

Here's Brett and Aki posing with the bloody claw bear sign outside of the store ...

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